Are there any specific symptoms associated with having diabetes?

You may be wondering whether or not there any specific symptoms that are associated with diabetes. It's a great question because most people don't even realize they have the illness. While the medical community doesn't have a definitive list of symptoms that are absolute in nature, there are a list of symptoms that, generally speaking, tend to point in the direction of diabetes:

1) If you notice that you're urinating often, or with increased frequency, this can be a symptom of diabetes.

2) To the extent you notice that you're feeling thirsty on a more frequent basis, that's something that has a tendency to indicate you may potentially have diabetes.

3) You may notice that you're eating as you normally would, but still feel hungry. Needless to say, this particular symptom can give a lot of false positives, but if you notice a trend whereby you are eating like normal, but still feel like you're hungry, that may indicate you have diabetes.

4) To the extent you feel unusually tired, a deep and worsening sense of fatigue, well, that is very often a symptom that points to diabetes.

5) Have you noticed an increase in blurry vision lately? If so, this can be a symptom associated with diabetes.

6) If you notice that you have cuts and bruises that are slow in healing, this can also potentially be a symptom associated with diabetes.

7) Tingling, pain, or numbness in the hands or feet -- these are all the symptoms that point to the potential for your having diabetes.

As you can imagine, some of the symptoms you just finished reading about can happen to anyone at any time. It doesn't necessarily mean that a one time occurrence of any one of the symptoms immediately indicates that you have diabetes. However, if you notice any one of the symptoms occurring on a persistent basis, it's definitely time to get checked out.

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