What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes?

Many people often wonder what differences exist between type I and type II diabetes. It's a great question to ask because a lot of people are under the mistaken assumption that both types of diabetes are the same.

In simple terms, type I diabetes generally refers to people whose bodies do not produce any insulin whatsoever. Insulin is a hormone that's generated by the pancreas. People who have type I diabetes were generally born with the condition, or may have developed the condition as a result of having problems with their pancreas that ultimately prevents their pancreas from generating any insulin whatsoever.

By contrast, people who are diagnosed with type II diabetes still have a pancreas that can produce insulin, but the amount of insulin, or the way in which that insulin is produced, is oftentimes not quite working as well as it should. The end result is a situation in which far too much glucose, which is a fancy word for the word sugar, passes through into the bloodstream and starts knocking against cells within the body.

What you need to keep in mind is that insulin basically unlocks the cells in your body so that they can absorb and process the sugar that you consume as part of your everyday life. If that insulin isn't there, all that sugar that's flowing through one's blood just smashes into the cells without being able to get in, and that's what begins to cause problems.

At some level, you may wonder just how bad the problem can become. After all, we don't necessarily hear a lot of bad things being said about diabetes -- at least not like we do about cancer, HIV, or other types of illnesses that capture headlines.

However, if left untreated or ignored, diabetes can result in people having their arms and legs amputated. This is something that you can vary quickly and easily verify yourself. It's not about becoming hysterical, it's about getting serious when it comes to dealing with diabetes, whether it's type I diabetes, or type II diabetes.

In summary, the major difference between type I diabetes and type II diabetes is that people who are diagnosed with type I diabetes have a pancreas that does not produce any insulin at all. People who are diagnosed with type II diabetes have a pancreas that produces some amount of insulin, but it's not enough or is simply not working effectively to cope with all the sugar that a person is consuming.

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