Is there a medical test that will reveal if you have diabetes?

A very natural question for anybody to ask if they're concerned about diabetes is whether or not there's a medical test that will reveal whether or not the illness happens to be present in one's body.

The great news is that there is a very simple and effective test that can be taken by practically anybody to help them and their doctor determine whether or not they are currently suffering from diabetes, or if they're in a category oftentimes referred to as pre-diabetes.

For example, a blood test referred to as the "FPG test" is basically a blood test that determines the amount of glucose (otherwise known as sugar) that is in the blood after an overnight fast. All an overnight fast means is that a person has not eaten any food in at least eight hours. A fasting blood glucose level between 100 and 125 means a person has what's often referred to as pre-diabetes. A fasting blood glucose level of 126 and above signals that a person has diabetes.

The really big question is whether or not this type of blood test is necessary for someone who otherwise feels healthy but is concerned about the potential of having diabetes. There are various symptoms typically associated with diabetes. For example, let's say you constantly feel thirsty. Or perhaps you're eating a lot of food, but seemingly not gaining any weight. Another potential symptom is extreme fatigue.

To the extent you are experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, start to keep track of how often those symptoms appear to be occurring. Needless to say, one day of feeling fatigued doesn't necessarily indicate that you have diabetes. However, if you notice a trend wherein several days or even several weeks go by and you feel fatigued on a near constant basis, it makes a lot of sense to get tested for diabetes.

The main thing for you to understand is that diabetes can be a very serious disease. However, with appropriate modifications to your diet and exercise, you can reverse type II diabetes in about 30 days.

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