What are the health risks associated with having diabetes?

A lot of people oftentimes wonder if there are actually any really serious health risks associated with having diabetes. Listen, it's only natural that a person be a little bit concerned and fearful if they're told by their doctor that they have diabetes.

The natural reaction by most people is to be in denial, and to simply hope that nothing dramatic needs to happen, and the diabetes can be ignored and it'll simply go away on its own. Nothing could be further from the truth. In worst case scenarios, diabetes can cause your death. Depending on your perspective, the second worst outcome might even be worse having various limbs amputated.

Here's what basically happens. A person who has diabetes has a lot of sugar in their blood. That sugar smashes into cells, trying to get into those cells. However, because a hormone called insulin doesn't exist at the levels necessary to tell those cells to open up their doors to let the sugar in, the sugar simply keeps moving around one's system, crashing into cell walls and causing a lot of damage.

The end result of all of this damage is it that swelling and a lack of circulation to various parts of the body begin to arise. If, for example, your feet are not getting sufficient levels of blood circulation, even minor injuries will take a long time to heal. In certain instances, no healing will take place, an infection like gangrene will set in, and the foot will need to be amputated.

Are you starting to see how serious diabetes can be? We're basically talking about a situation where you can slowly watch yourself get limbs of your body surgically hacked off because you're failing to take the illness seriously and failing to take control of your overall health and wellness.

The good news is that diabetes can be reversed within 30 days, especially when we're talking about type II diabetes, which is the most prevalent form of the disease. The secret to reversing diabetes in such a relatively short amount of time is through diet and exercise.

So you have a decision to make. You can either pretend that diabetes isn't a big deal, or you can take it seriously, and begin to take control of your overall health and wellness.

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