Can a child inherit diabetes from a mother or a father?

People who have been affected by diabetes, either through a diagnosis they have received, or perhaps through a diagnosis of a parent, oftentimes wonder whether or not this is a condition that a child can inherit from a mother or father.

Let's start by getting a clear understanding of what were talking about when we refer to diabetes. There are basically two types of diabetes type I, and type II. When it comes to whether or not a person can inherit this disease from a mother or father, we are mostly talking about risk factors that are associated with type I diabetes. In other words, you can't inherit type II diabetes from a parent. By contrast, some of the risk factors associated with potentially developing type I diabetes are, in fact, inheritable from one's parents.

That being said, the great news is that the overwhelming majority of people who have diabetes have what is referred to as type II diabetes. At the risk of sounding overly blunt, type II diabetes doesn't come from your mom or dad, it comes from basically not getting enough exercise, and not paying attention to what you're eating. In essence, it comes from a person not having full control over their nutrition and their overall health and wellness.

Here's something that you can start doing right away to help dramatically reduce the risk of developing diabetes, or if you already have the disease, to help mitigate some of its symptoms.

First, you've got to cut down on the amount of carbohydrates you're consuming on a daily basis. Generally speaking, most doctors suggest limiting the number of carbohydrates consumed at any one meal to less than 75 grams. In addition, you should really make an effort to spend at least 45 minutes walking or doing other forms of exercise at least two or three times a week.

While it's certainly true that none of us can choose who our parents are, we do have it within our control to determine our own destiny as it relates to the food we put into our mouths, and the amount of exercise we get. This ultimately will help to determine whether or not we're going to have to deal with an illness like diabates, or, by contrast, if we'll lead healthy, happy lives.

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