Why do some diabetics take insulin daily, and others do not?

A really common questions I get asked is why some diabetics take insulin on a daily basis, and others do not. Let's really be clear about something here. There are people who are oftentimes referred to as pre-diabetic, and in situations like that, those individuals are probably not taking any type of insulin.

On the other hand, somebody who has type I diabetes, or someone who has a particularly severe form of type II diabetes will more than likely be taking insulin on a daily basis. Now, let's understand a little bit more about type I diabetes and type II diabetes so that we can have a clear understanding of why people with type I diabetes will definitely be taking insulin on a daily basis.

People who have type I diabetes essentially have a pancreas that does not produce any insulin whatsoever. As a result, their bodies have no way of processing any of the carbohydrates, sometimes known as sugars, they get consumed on a daily basis. As a result, insulin is needed daily.

People who have a severe form of type II diabetes probably don't have that much insulin being produced, or their bodies are so out of whack that there system is not processing the sugar the way it should. As a result, they also need insulin on a daily basis.

The great news is that anybody who is dealing with type II diabetes can reverse the symptoms in about 30 days with rigorous attention to diet and exercise. What you have to understand is that the main cause of diabetes, especially when we're talking about type II diabetes, is a sedentary lifestyle combined with eating a bunch of stuff that's just not good for you. For example, if you're eating lots of candy, drinking lots of sugary soft drinks, and sitting around all day, that combination is practically lethal and is almost guaranteed to ensure that you get diabetes.

So if you're reading this, and you're worried about the potential for having to take insulin on a daily basis, which really isn't any fun at all, then you've got to get serious about your health and wellness.

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