Can a person who has been diagnosed with diabetes play sports?

It's not unusual for somebody who's been diagnosed with diabetes to wonder whether or not they can play sports. As you can imagine, it's practically impossible to answer a question like this in the type of conversation that we're having right now. It's ultimately a conversation to be had between a patient who's been diagnosed with diabetes and her doctor.

However, there are some generalizations that can form the basis of a meaningful conversation about whether or not any type of physical activity can be enjoyed if you've been diagnosed with diabetes. First and foremost, it's important to understand that exercise is actually one of the things that can help reverse type II diabetes within 30 days. That may sound like an incredible claim, but it's scientifically proven to be true.

The challenge for some diabetics is that if they take insulin, and they haven't eaten enough food, and then they go out to exercise, they may find themselves suffering from something called hypoglycemia, which basically means that they don't have enough sugar in their bloodstream. As a result, during a sporting activity or some other type of exercise, they might feel lightheaded and potentially faint.

That's why it's really important that a conversation take place between a patient and their doctor when it comes to something as specific as whether or not a particular sport or physical activity can be enjoyed. That said, as a general rule of thumb, if you've been diagnosed with type II diabetes, it's in your best interest to exercise on a regular basis. To the extent you're concerned about feeling lightheaded, carry a candy bar with you. It's something you can eat that will supply you with some needed sugar in the event you're out on a walk and begin to feel slightly hypoglycemic.

Here's the bottom line: a person who has been diagnosed with diabetes can more often than not play sports. However, care and attention needs to be taken to ensure that the sporting activity can be enjoyed without any negative consequences.

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