Why is there so much misinformation about the true causes of diabetes?

In an era where so much news is deemed to be so-called fake news, it's not surprising that there be a lot of confusion and controversy regarding the true causes of diabetes. That brings up an excellent question which is why exactly is there so much misinformation about the true causes of diabetes? Shouldn't this be something that's fairly straightforward and understood by most people?

The real dilemma here is that there are two competing forces that are fighting for your time, attention, and money. The first force is the large pharmaceutical industry that exists to create products, usually in the form of pills, that are designed to help people who have diabetes. The other competing force is the snack and soda industry that sells billions of dollars worth of sugar laden products.

Just imagine for a moment that you own a company that made a lot of money selling sugary soft drinks. Would you really want the public to realize that consuming your product places them at a much higher risk of developing diabetes? Of course not. Listen, there is firm consensus within the medical community that diabetes, especially type II diabetes, is typically caused by people who are leading sedentary lifestyles and consuming way too much sugar.

The pharmaceutical industry doesn't necessarily want people to start leading healthier lives because that would cut into the profits that they make from selling pills to help people manage their diabetic symptoms. The snack and soda industry doesn't want people to change their lifestyle because they profit by selling a lot of soda and a lot of sugary snacks to people.

Here's the bottom line: if you're somebody who's worried about getting diabetes, then you really need to take some concrete steps to help improve your overall health and wellness. That means getting regular exercise, it also means getting smart about the food your eating.

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