How many years can a person survive if they are diagnosed with diabetes?

Many people who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or know somebody who has been diagnosed with diabetes, often wonder how long a person can realistically live and survive if they have been diagnosed with this disease.

It's an understandable concern because diabetes is a very serious illness. Most people don't realize just how dangerous of a disease it can be until it has advanced to a point where it is causing real damage to their bodies.

For example, very few people realize that diabetes can restrict the amount of blood flow to one's feet and hands. Once that happens, it's much easier to develop an infection in those outer extremities which may ultimately result in the limbs having to be amputated. Nobody wants to have to go through something like that.

There are several things that you can start to do right now to get control over your diabetic symptoms. First, you need to start eating healthier food. This should seem obvious, but for many people, it's not something that they ever considered.

Second, you need to make a commitment to get more exercise. It doesn't mean that you need to spend hours at the gym, but it definitely means that you need to begin to move around more, and to lead a more active lifestyle.

You definitely have to start thinking more strategically about the food you're eating, and the type of exercise you're getting. It doesn't really take that much time or effort to reverse the effects of type II diabetes.

In conclusion, the number of years a person has to potentially live after being diagnosed with diabetes is ultimately up to them. If they start taking their health and wellness seriously, if they start eating healthier food, if they start exercising more, these are all things that will help enhance their overall quality of life.

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