When we hear about people curing themselves of diabetes, can it be true?

The Internet is filled with a lot of rumors about people curing themselves of diabetes. And naturally there are question that arise as to whether or not these claims can actually be true. Here's what you need to keep in mind.

There are basically two types of diabetes. The first type generally can only be treated with insulin. However, that's because the pancreas doesn't produce any insulin whatsoever. It's beyond the scope of our conversation to get into a detailed medical discussion of what the pancreas does, but in a nutshell, one of the things that it does is produce a hormone called insulin. Insulin essentially helps your body deal with the sugar that you consume at every meal.

The second type of diabetes doesn't involve the pancreas not producing any insulin at all, but instead, involves a situation where your pancreas isn't producing enough insulin, or your body isn't quite processing the sugar that it's consuming effectively because of the amount of sugar that's being consumed on a daily basis. It's this second type of diabetes that people actually can cure themselves of with proper diet and exercise.

If you're somebody who is leading a very sedentary lifestyle, and eating a lot of sugary foods, then needless to say, you're placing yourself at incredibly high risk of developing diabetes. If you've already been diagnosed with the disease, continuing to lead an unhealthy lifestyle is in a make things any better.

The good news is that multiple medical studies have independently confirm that diet and exercise play an incredibly important role in helping to reverse the symptoms associated with the second type of diabetes. Therefore, when you hear about people curing themselves of diabetes, there's a lot of truth to that assuming a person is using a lot of lifestyle modification techniques such as eating healthier and getting more exercise.

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