Is it true that red wine is extremely dangerous for someone with diabetes?

Who doesn't love a nice glass of red wine on occasion? The challenge with red wine if you're somebody who happens to have diabetes is that it can really cause a dramatic and nearly instantaneous spike in the amount of blood sugar you have. This can really be a problem because of the negative symptoms associated with diabetes, especially when triggered by a massive spike in glucose.

It is oftentimes said that moderation is the key to knowing how much of a particular food to eat, and that the same holds true with beverages. However, red wine falls into a special category of beverage that really deserves a lot of caution. The reason why is because, as mentioned a moment ago, it can really cause a dramatic and nearly instantaneous spike in glucose levels.

Some alternatives to red wine include sparkling water that has a cranberry flavor to it, as well as so-called "low sulfite" red wine which is beginning to emerge in more and more markets. You definitely need to use a lot of caution as it relates to consuming red wine even if you think you're only consuming small amounts.

You may be wondering whether or not some of the negative effects of consuming red wine can be counterbalanced through increased exercise. While it's certainly true that doctors overwhelmingly recommend that people who have diabetes exercise more frequently, it's not going to have a material impact on the amount of red wine that you can consume. This particular beverage simply causes far too high of an instant spike in blood sugar levels.

In the final analysis, if you currently are suffering from diabetes, you owe it to yourself to do everything in your power to reduce the effects of this debilitating illness as quickly as possible. That means lifestyle modification, and yes, unfortunately, it's going to mean not drinking red wine at least until you've been able to successfully reverse the effects of diabetes.

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